Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Update 01/21 - 01/27

Hey everyone! Going to try my best and update you guys using the blog as well as continue posting the audio versions of the shows here.

Just want to start off by giving a huge THANK YOU to all you guys that watched and commented/msged me how much you enjoy and appreciated the last show. As crazy as it might sound, it caught me by surprise and I have to admit it gave me some "nerd chills" which is never a bad thing. So I appreciate the new and continued support and you can count on lots more episodes every week. ;)

But enough about that .. this week's going to be a fun one!

We've got Kevin Lin (COO Twitch.TV) on Climbing The Ladder  Tuesday 4pm EST / 10pm CET to continue some of the discussion from this last episode on advertising revenue particularly pertaining to Twitch.TV. For those of you that don't have any idea the workings of the ad revenue model, we're going to try our best to explain as much as we can and clear up any misconceptions some folks might have on how things are weighted right now. We may see some other folks from Twitch TV (djWHEAT or Justin Wong or Stuart Saw) jump on  at some points too. So get your questions ready! ;)

Wednesday Night Sprites will be on Wed 10:30pm EST with the full gang (barring internet issues on my end) with some great new unknown arcade games. Come watch me, EG.Machine, iS.Temp0, and LivinPink play/rate some SC2 arcade games and hop on some games with us.

And Pro Corner is tentatively set to start back up this week w/ guest Liquid'TLO on Thursday 4pm EST / 10pm CET. We'll talk to him about IEM Katowice and hopefully snag one of the replays to go over (hopefully one of the Mana ones).

I do have one update about Pro Corner for folks that might not be reading the show's TL thread. Pro Corner will not necessarily be every week moving forward. In the past, Ive pumped these episodes out each and every week which was a lot of fun.  But I feel because of the unpredictability in the players' schedules not necessarily lining up with my own commitment to the viewers to have it every week, the quality and impact of the episodes were compromised at times. So I want to change that and have better episodes for the viewers and hopefully better timed episodes to give player guests the most exposure possible. Also I will be lining up some episodes with some great Razer Academy tutorial videos from some of the top players in the world. Everything else will be the same with giveaways and q&a. I just wanted to give you the heads up about the change in the frequency.


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