Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekly Update for 01/2813 - 02/03/13

Hey everyone!

Weekly update time! I wanted start off saying Iron Squid was an amazing event this weekend. Big props to the organizers, casters (<3 Day9, Kaelaris, Khaldor, etc.), hosts (Soe/ToD/etc), and most of the all the crowd! The chants and cheering were amazing even for all of us at home. Iron Squid breaking out the full orchestra and band was pretty cool too. That was also one of the best ZvZ finals Ive seen in a VERY long time. 0-3 comeback? Siiiiiiiick! Congratz to ST.Life with a stunning comeback victory! 

Also worth mentioning AWESOME and AMAZING the shared replay/restore/take command feature is in Heart of the Swarm. Ive been eagerly waiting for this feature since it was announced in spring 2012. People that know me can vouch that Ive been saying that this will be THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that's ever happened to Starcraft 2 from a player practice and improvement standpoint. I had been advocating that teams hire map makers in the past to recreate these scenarios for players but the restore replay feature has always been the most optimal way of achieving this. To all teams/players ... PLEASE take advantage of this tool! Structured practice and replay archives should be created by all teams/players. It would be awesome if there was a public repository for replays that the whole community could share too. The level of improvement from all the players (pro and amateur) will be accelerated greatly so get ready for some more refine play people! *chills*

Let's get to the shows schedules this week. 

Tuesday 4pm EST / 10pm CET we have the lovely Genna Bain (Owner of Axiom eSports and CEO of Cynical Brit) on Climbing The Ladder to discuss the latest exciting announcements concerning Axiom eSports.

Wednesday 10:30pm EST the crew (myself, EG.Machine, iS.Temp0, Eternity.LivinPink) will be continuing our weekly adventure into the Starcraft 2 Arcade playing and rating games. This week we'll be playing Mass Destruction 2, Mafia, and more. Come join us (subscribers will get first priority) in some games!

That's going to be it for the show schedules. All VODs from past episodes can be found at

That's going to be it for now. Hopefully Ill see you during the shows!

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