Monday, February 18, 2013

The Week Ahead for 02/18/13

Hey everyone!

Big week ahead .. here is the schedule.

Climbing The Ladder #45 w/ guests David Ting (IPL General Manager) and Kevin Johnson (Blizzard SC2 Community Manager) on Tuesday 4pm EST/10pm CET . David has IPL6 announcements and Kevin will discuss HotS launch and community topics.

Wednesday Night Sprites #9 - Another SC2 Arcade game spotlight. I will announce which game in the next day or so. This will be Wednesday 10:30pm EST.

Pro Corner - Thursday 4pm EST/ 10pm CET. More details soon.

Subscriber Only Giveaway - We will be doing our first subscriber only giveaway of 2013. The prize is a Razer Banshee headset (the one that changes color depending on your APM). This will either happen during Wednesday Night Sprites or Pro Corner. I will let folks know via Twitter.

Going to be a great time. See you guys in chat!

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