Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Week Ahead for 02/25/13

Hey everyone!

Ive got a great week coming up for you guys. The schedule looks like this ...

Tuesday 4pm EST/ 10pm CET - Climbing The Ladder #46 - "Plight of the eSports Photographer" w/ guests Zhang "zemotion" Jingna, Kevin "Silverfire" Chang, Helen Kristiansson, and Carlton Beener. We'll be going in-depth into the challenges photographers are dealing with in eSports like lack of respect for licensing, wages, and recognition. The guests we're having have worked at most the major events (MLG, Dreamhack, IPL, etc) and have produced some of the iconic SC2 pictures that we know as a community. Im really excited about this episode and can't wait for the discussion.

Wednesday 9pm EST - Wednesday Night Sprites #10 - Sniper Pro Mod Spotlight. The crew (myself, machine, livinpink, and temp0) will be spotlighting this SC2 arcade game with special guest John Edwards (one of the creators) to walk us through the game. It's a really fun ghost style capture the flag so I can't wait to play some games with everyone. Note, we've moved the starting time to be earlier to try something different.

Thursday 4pm EST/10pm CET - Pro Corner #98 w/ guest mouz.Illusion. We have the pleasure of having Chris "mouzIllusion" Lee on to hang out with us and talk about his new team as well as the period where he was team less. Also we'll get his thoughts on HotS and how excited he is about 2013. We'll also have him walk us through a replay or 2 of his HotS games explaining strategy. We'll finish off the show with the community interactive segments: Q&A, the mouzIllusion Fan Art Contest, and a Razer Messenger Bag Giveaway. Hope you guys can tune in for great discussion and strategy with an amazing terran player and everything else!

For more info on the Fan Art contest every week, click HERE .

Also, all the Climbing The Ladder episodes are now available on iTunes. I appreciate everyone's patience on this but I didn't want to publish it until we had all the episodes added and sorted. Huge thanks to Rezudox for the help!

And finally, I will be doing another ChanmanV Subscriber-Only drawing tonight for a Razer Banshee headset. If you're interested in becoming a subscriber, you can subscriber on my Twitch TV page.

Wow .. this was a long one. Just lots of goodness going on for you guys. Hope to see you in chat this week!

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